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The Evil Scale And Adversity


Everyone knows that when you go on a cruise, you will gain weight. I knew it would happen, and that is the price you have to pay for eating all that yummy food like escargot and tiramisu. We just got back from a Caribbean 5 day cruise, so surprise surprise, I've gained 5 lbs in 5 days. It would be nice if I could lose it in 5 days, but unfortunately that doesn't look to be happening. Of course, dear husband (DH) is losing his new found fat quicker than me and will probably be back to normal next week.
So, we're eating cereal and fruit for breakfast, salad and yogurt for lunch, and fish and a veggie for dinner. And a beer. On top of that I bike 45 minutes each day and walk 30-70 minutes a day. You'd think that consuming 1200 calories and burning 600, I would be able to lose a pound a day. But no. I've lost a measly 0.2 lbs. DH has lost 2.0 lbs.
I have to just be patient and do the right things. Many times in life we have to face the consequences of our deviant or foolish choices. I probably shouldn't have eaten two appetizers every night, plus shared an extra entree with DH, plus eaten a dessert EVERY NIGHT on the cruise. My little 5 lb weight setback is not really that big a deal, but when you don't reel it in and fix the problem it can continue to get out of hand.
This philosophy of handling adversity, by making an effort to fix the problem - even a little at a time is the secret to succeeding. It can be applied to any problem. Of course, it is always better to prevent a problem in the first place. Don't eat too much and you won't get fat. Exercise more and you'll stay healthy. Stay out of debt by living below your means and spend less than you earn. Don't overextend yourself with too many obligations so that you disappoint everyone everywhere by canceling all the time. Don't get involved with negative people and drama that makes you become negative.
Willpower, mental toughness and preparation are necessary to overcome adversity. Usually you can look back on a bad situation and there are always indicators that the problem was starting. Like my 5 lbs gained in 5 days. Or maybe an unexpected expense occurs and you can't finance it from savings or income. Or maybe you feel like something isn't quite right at your job. Or maybe you feel less healthy than normal and exhibit some unusual symptom. Or incuring additional responsibility you didn't plan on. All these initial indicators should alert you that things need to change.  Change is really the key to handling adversity. If you continue to behave as you have, you will continue to get what you've always gotten.
If you are in a difficult situation, you must change. That's it. No way around it. Things may change around you, but to make a clean break from your adversity - you need to intiate that change. Make it happen. Change what you eat. Change what you spend. Change your image. Change your behavior.
It's up to you to make things better. Do it now.

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