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Earth, Wind & Fire; Gin Blossums & Sugar Ray concerts


Lots more concerts this weekend, and there's more to come this month. February is always a busy month in Florida with so many choices of outdoor activities. The action continues into the spring with baseball and more music too.

Saturday at BG the 14 member band EWS filled the stage and brought lots of energy and great hits. The place was packed and we saw lots of friends there too.

Sunday we bought VIP tickets because we thought it would be crowded for Sugar Ray, and it was! We went early so we could sell the meal tickets included w vip. Scott grabbed front row seats while I sold our meals to recoup $20. Both the Gin Blossums and Sugar Ray were great. They are energetic, sharp looking lead singers (Robin and Mark). We even managed to get a couple guitar pics from Sugar Ray guitar guy.

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