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Busch Gardens Drama

So, we just got confirmation in the newspaper that all the scheduled concerts for the Bands & BBQ events at Busch Gardens have canceled due to the #Blackfish controversy at Sea World and the new movie. We were really looking forward to this annual event because the talent has always been great and the price is cheap. Even though we've seen Pat Benatar before there (see photo above), she still can carry a tune and it was a nice event. It was supposed to be in February when the weather starts getting really nice here. Hopefully, they will still have the beer sampling event even if there are no concerts.
Anyway, have you used your pass holder benefit this month - to get a free ticket for a friend?  If you haven't, you might want to get yourself over there and redeem it at customer service this weekend. We redeemed ours yesterday and sold the tickets to a guest who wanted to come back another day. It was a win-win deal since they needed a pass and we didn't, since our friends have their own passes. This is really an easy transaction. You do not have to register online, or tell the CSR the name of a friend, or even specify a date you will be using it. It is simply a generic complimentary pass that is valid any day in January 2014. It expires 1/31/14. You do not need to attend with your "friend".
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