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Happy Thanksgiving - What's Going To Be On Your Plate?


Happy Thanksgiving friends & family! For the first time in probably 20 years I will be eating Thanksgiving meal with my siblings and parents since I am still up North. It probably will be the last time too, so we're looking forward to enjoying this milestone. The weather has been cold here, but has not stopped us hardy Minnesotan's from exercising outside. We've managed to get Pat out everyday for a walk now for 13 days since the return from the hospital.  We've finally got Pat on a good routine sleeping pattern since it went off kilter last Sunday for church. Unfortunately, the plan is to have pie after dinner so it means a lot of sugar pretty much right before bed, which means a restless, sleepless night for Pat.

I almost couldn't carry the newspaper in today from the driveway because it was so HUGE! There are probably a hundred ads for Black Friday. I'm trying to get my dad to get a tablet, because I can tell he envies my Ipad and all the things I can do on it. Best Buy has the Ipad Mini on sale for Black Friday for $299 plus a $100 Gift Card. He just got a big check for doing a medication survey and cash from selling their old Christmas tree and decorations, so that would cover it all if he got the Ipad. It's funny though, he just doesn't like change. He loves to do the sudoko puzzles in the paper everyday, and likes the game on the Ipad even more because its faster. But that doesn't mean he thinks he needs an Ipad. Probably won't happen.

Well, back to the day at hand. What's going to be on your plate? Mine will have the usual turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy and green beans.

Please enjoy your day and the time with family and friends.

Here are some tips on how to host a great family thanksgiving from The Onion
  • Accommodate your vegan guests by providing a few unappetizing dishes.
  • If guests bring dishes of their own, give the dog a bite first to confirm none is laced with poison
  • Invite guests to lend a hand in the preparation by periodically dropping a utensil in the kitchen, shouting an obscenity, and slamming the oven door shut
  • Instead of worrying about dirty dishes, leave them outside overnight for the raccoons to lick good and clean
  • Keep bringing out food to avoid participating in any conversations
  • I told you a thousand times to cook the stuffing in a separate dish, and now it’s all soggy. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • Say a phrase like “Here it is!” or “It’s time, everybody!” when bringing out the turkey
  • Have children sit at a smaller table so they feel gigantic
  • Cook a dish representative of each guest’s ethnicity and then say, “This is for you,” as you hand it to them in front of everyone
  • Avoid potentially awkward situations with creative seating arrangements; for example, try putting a chair or two on top of the table and maybe one in the bathroom

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