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Flash In The Past

So today we've had a busy one with the home nurse who visited to give Pat a bath, and then we all went to the grocery store to get a few items. I used a few coupons and we saved $44 on this trip. After that it was time for lunch (a chicken Caesar salad) and then the physical therapist was here for an hour. We didn't sleep good last night, waking every two hours because Pat was restless. The restlessness was due to eating chocolate birthday cake, ice cream and fudge syrup after dinner at my brothers house. It was his daughters 12th birthday and we ate dinner over there to celebrate. But the chocolate cake and sweets were too stimulating to eat at night. We won't make that mistake again. Overall Pat has been improving and getting stronger every day.

Tonight we are getting dinner ready and I was surprised to see these antique kitchen utensils still in the utensil drawer like they were when I was a child. A flash in the past. Here are some of my favorites:

Egg Beater

Gravy mixer - add flour, water, drippings and shake
an old glass thermometer, knife sharpener and meat grinder.
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