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Aren't We Always On Thin Ice?

Aren't we all always on thin ice, where your life could turn to tragedy?

I talked to a family member last evening to get an update on the patient (Pat is the name I'm going to use from now on) and to solidify my airport arrival pickup plans. Pat was released from the hospital after 6 days of assessment and care. We now have a clear diagnosis of the conditions which we are dealing with and it requires constant supervision. Pat has had to make some drastic lifestyle changes and the caregivers need to dispense the many, many medications throughout the day. I suggested getting one of those pill dispensers with am and pm, but little did I know that some of the meds are to be taken "as needed", some are morning, some are three times a day and one is a packet of powder. Not really convient for predispensing.

When I was talking to Sis who is the glue to all this drama, being the strong family representative with the doctors and hospitals, telling Pat in no uncertain terms that certain actvities or behaviors are prohibited by the doctors. Sis is the enforcer. I mentioned that perhaps we could stop at my most favorite Vietnamese restaurant on the way back from the airport, and she said probably not - you're not on a vacation you know. Really? Who would ever go to Minnesota for vacation in November? Actually, I do have one old college friend who lives out of the country and will be coming home for Thanksgiving and she is so excited! I wish I were. Excited I mean. I have a feeling I'll go crazy. I'm not used to family drama. It helps when you live across the country from everyone. I know I'll miss the sunshine, being outside and the natural high from cardio and physical activity I get from biking regularly. I am more determined than ever to avoid the health conditions that plague my family. It could be said these conditions are heredity but I'm not buying that. I have excellent vitals where no one in my immediate family does. I think it's from my active Florida lifestyle and warm weather which is conducive to getting outside and being active.

It's interesting how life works. Lately, I've been feeling dissatisfied with my day in, day out existence. This year I've attended a couple blogger conferences and learned a lot about how to make a blog into a successful business and earn a living off it. There are thousands of bloggers out there, but really only a fraction earn enough to live off it. Some of the bloggers post their earnings on a monthly update and one blog, has just started about a year, and they are now making over 10K per month. I would love to write and quit my job and earn a living on writing a blog. But, I'm  not feeling the writing love. I have been so out of practice, that I just need to spend some time writing. So many bloggers say that you just need to write everyday to practice and get better. So, there's my silver lining - I've just set myself up to get a month of time off of work to write. And of course tend to Pat who is on thin ice.

But then I realize we're always on thin ice. Anything could happen and you can lose your health, wealth, job, security and home. Life goes on, but its just not what you thought it would be like. Maybe after a difficult period you're more open to suggestions and offers of help and assistance. But more than likely you need to dig deep into your soul and accept what is happening. And you need to make some changes to turn around your situation. It will not improve by doing nothing or doing the same as before. Change is the catalyst. If others have helped and you still are wallowing in despair without making changes, then you don't deserve to expect your situation to improve. You can't just stand there on thin ice, listening to the frequent and loud stress sounds, watching the spider line cracks spread in a bunch of directions, and not expect to perceive that sinking feeling that comes when the thin ice breaks through and you slide into the icy, cold dark depths of despair.

You just need change to improve. Try it.
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