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Quarterly Mileage 3rd QTR 2013

Well, congratulations are in order for Ms. Marie for riding bicycle over 500 miles this quarter! Only the Toyota Camry logged more miles this past summer quarter, with 1860 miles. Apparently we didn't ride our motorcycles much, with summer travel and rainstorms in the afternoons. This quarter we logged 3374 transportation miles on all the vehicles which is again lower than the previous two quarters. We have been making a conscious effort to consolidate trips and drive less.
We did make some minor cosmetic improvements to both old vehicles by replacing the headlights with new clear lens. It makes both the car and the truck look a lot better. The 15 yr old truck is in need of a paint job as the roof and hood are badly faded from the Florida sunshine. We also installed new cruise control switches in the truck and actually made a youtube video about it since there wasn't one out there for us to use. It is going viral with almost 700 views in a couple months!

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