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Kid Rock, ZZ Top Concert a Frugal Event

Concerts are usually a pretty great way to spend some free time, and the Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Uncle Kracker concert at the Amphitheatre in Tampa last night was no exception. Part of what made this concert great was the low, fan friendly prices. First off the tickets were only $20 plus some fees, bringing our total to $56 for the etickets. Scalpers couldn't really scoop up all the great seats at the presale because your credit card swipe into the event was your ticket. They printed a small paper tic to use as a ticket in the event. Free parking was nice too, since usually the fairgrounds like to get 6-10 dollars per car for most events. The venue is only five miles from our house so gas cost was negligible.

We also took advantage of the fan friendly security policy, allowing us to each bring in a sealed bottle of water (free from home) and a bag of food. We stopped at Subway and got a Spicy Italian foot long sandwich ($5) and just placed it into our gallon ziplock bag and brought it in to eat before the show started. As soon as walked into the venue, the T-shirt stand was packed and the reason was the fan friendly prices. The T shirts were fifteen or twenty dollars, unless you needed the 3XXXL that were $25. We each got a new black, light weight, Florida hot weather friendly shirt and dropped a total of $35. There were also $4 beers, but we didn't get any since we forgot they had them until I read it on the back of my Tshirt when I took it off at home.

The three sets of music all started on time (Take that Bruno "lateness" Mars) and the lights and sound were excellent. We had pretty good seats, in the front row of the second seating section. We did have to endure the dancing ladies, the concert screamers behind us, and the occasional stinky vapor from the e-cigarettes. Overall, it was a great show for a great price.

Final damages: $56 ticket, $35 tshirts, $5 subway = less than a hundred dollars for a fun night out!

Scott & Marie Kid Rock Concert Scott & Marie at the Kid Rock Concert 9/15/13

Kid Rock Concert Opening Kid Rock silhouette behind the opening curtain

Kid Rock standing on his piano Kid Rock belting out a tune from atop his camo piano

Kid Rock concert Kid Rock really loves to sing

Kid Rock concert closing Kid Rock closing up the show after 18 songs and 90 minutes of music

ZZtop rocks Tampa ZZtop is classic and switched their guitars with each song

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