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Tag You're It


While we were out on a motorcycle ride this weekend, I noticed the tag on DH's motorcycle. It was for 02-09 which was about five years ago. Upon closer inspection, it appears as if the decal has been ripped off. We usually apply the new decal right on top of the old one. But it looks like whoever peeled it off took 10,11,12,13 and 14 tags off the license plate.

So now we need to have this replaced with a new decal. A new decal is free if its been stolen, but it costs $25 if its lost. So, to avoid the fee the stolen decal must be reported to the police or sheriff. I'm sure they would love to spend their time writing up that report. "When was it stolen sir?" "Um, not sure, sometime since February." Where do you think it was stolen? "Um, not sure. Maybe at my office." Basically, the report will be meaningless with all the blank spaces. But, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Lesson Learned: Always remove old decals from your license plate and apply new one directly to tag. This way they will be more likely to rip and be worthless to a thief.

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