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Quarterly Mileage 2nd QTR 2013

I'm not sure if its because we're getting old or more satisfied with home life, but our quarterly mileage has been on the decrease. Last year during this quarter, we had over 6000 miles logged but a good portion of that was a driving trip to SC for a Nascar racing event. I'm actually glad to have less of my life in a vehicle (except on the bike) because time in traffic is not my idea of living.
I am happy to report that my commute by bicycle is back in swing again since the completion of the repaving of my route which took way too long (a year!!) It was only my monthly emails to the Dept of Transportation project manager that probably kept that project moving, albeit slowly. Anyway, I logged almost 400 miles this quarter, bumping my bike ahead of the truck.
Once again, the Ford truck has been only used for truck essential errands for a measly 277 miles this quarter, and with only 269 miles last quarter it has barely over 500 miles this year. No wonder this fifteen year old vehicle only has 69K miles. It will easily last another fifteen years at this rate. It's still fully operational with all systems working as designed.
Coming in at the top of the mileage usage this quarter is the Camry again with 41% of our travel. I would like to start riding our bicycles to the nearby grocery stores instead of driving and hope to decrease the unnecessary errands around the neighborhood. They have repaved roads and created bike lanes to nearby stores, library, and even Busch Gardens. So, hopefully we'll be able to add another form of transport to our chart if DH starts biking more.
The motorcycles also comprise a good portion of our travel choice. My miles are essentially our weekend rides, but occasionally I ride to work. DH was riding pretty regularly to work, but with the rainy season starting I expect to see these miles drop to nearly mine on the Rebel 250.
So, in summary we've traveled 8289 miles total this year at an estimated cost of $845 in fuel. Additional transportation costs are insurance and maintenance. We paid $605 for auto insurance for six months, and $1087 for motorcycle insurance for a year. The truck finally needed new brakes for the first time in its life that cost $511. The ST1300 also got new tires with installation costing $435. The Camry and Truck both had an oil change for $25 each. So total household transportation costs so far this year has been $3533.
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