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My Lumberjack

So, you all know we had like a big huge storm last Thursday (on my sisters birthday) but we lucked out that day with no damage. Just a little water in the dog house cause we didn't clean out the gutters. But they're clean now! Anyway, we ran a couple errands after work today, and came home so DH could listen to his fav radio show cowhead. But then he comes in the house and tells me his worst nightmare happened. But there was no damage. I'm like what? Did your motorcycle fall over or what? He's like no, come and see.

So, we walk out in the back yard and see green. Like as in green leaves all over the pool deck because the squeaky old tree finally blew over and crashed into our backyard. He's been worried about that tree for years, and now its finally down. Yeah! More firewood.

Actually, now we have a bunch of work to do to clean it all up, but at least we don't have to worry about it coming down now. I guess the grill got wacked a bit, but I think it'll still work.
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