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My Gas Money Pays For My Phone


Today I rode my bike to work again, a 10 mile round trip each week day. I figure I save the price of a gallon of gas everyday I ride to work (as compared to driving the truck which gets 10 mpg). So today I saved $3.77. And yesterday I saved $3.75. And last Friday, I saved $3.69.


But the thing is I didn't really save it, I've just redirected the expense into our new Android phone. So really, my gas money pays for my phone. We finally ported our landline and now our home phone is my Android. It's more than a cell phone, it's a mini computer in my hand. I absolutely love it! It's not cheap, but to me it's worth the price. I've realized over the years that sometimes if you want something awesome, you just have to pay the price. We have put off this decision for a loooong time, but we finally did it – as a birthday present to myself.


I'm still learning what all the new Android can do, but so far I've figured it can do a lot. I love the GPS feature, I love the email, the RSS reader, the radio tuner, the you tube app, the Nascar Mobile app, and especially the Grocery Tracker app (it actually calculates my cart and coupons for my shops – even has a barcode scanner to input items). The camera and video are great too because you always have it with you and ready to go. There are tons of free apps to install but I don't waste time on games, but the apps are there if that's what you're into.


But on the downside, its important to keep a lid on privacy. Some of the apps want to sync and share all your contacts – like facebook. I set my phone to NOT sync in an effort to keep my contacts private. So now we're finally up to tech on our phone, even though our other cell phone is five years old - it still works fine so we're keeping that baby. So now DH and I each have a cell phone we carry, so if you need to update any contact info this is your notice.

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