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7 Easy Steps to Survive a Fall Through Lake Ice


This one is for my Minnesota readers, and anyone else who walks on water. In the winter, I mean. As a kid, I remember walking out on Medicine Lake in the winter to a fishing hut and the ice would creak and groan and it was really scary. Falling through the ice would be a horrible way to die, but now you will know how to save yourself.

In seven easy steps here is how to save yourself when you fall through the ice:

1. Stay calm, face the direction you came from as it is strongest ice,
2. Try to pull yourself up on ice as much as you can.
3. Let water drain from clothing
4. Hopefully you have homemade ice picks in your pocket to help you stab the ice and pull yourself out. If not use any other object that is sharp - like a pen or stick. If not use your elbows to
5. Kick your feet as though you are swimming. This will raise your legs and you need to continue to try to pull more of your body out of the water. If you can throw your leg over the edge out of ice, try to do that.
6. Once you are out of the water, stay flat - do not stand up. Spread your weight out on more ice.
7. Roll away from the hole in the ice and crawl on your belly until you reach solid ice.

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